Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Drs. Nguyen and Frick must examine and verify that your tooth requires root canal treatment and that the tooth is a good candidate for treatment.  To accomplish this requires one or more x-rays showing the condition of your tooth at the time of your appointment, and a thorough examination of that tooth and neighboring teeth.  This is necessary to ensure that each patient receives only the most appropriate treatment and to allow our patients to have an active role in their health care decisions.  Be aware that early stages of nerve degeneration and abscess may be difficult to diagnose and may require a patient to return at a later date to be re-evaluated. 

My Dentist already examined me, do I still need another evaluation and more x-rays?

Yes. Unless directed by Dr. Nguyen, Dr. Frick, or your Physician please take all medications as prescribed.  Failure to do so may necessitate postponing treatment.  Please eat as you normally would, with the exception of those patients receiving Nitrous Oxide or other Oral Conscious Sedation Procedures.  These patients should contact us for detailed instructions.

Should I take my medications and eat before my appointment?

Can I just take an antibiotic instead of having a root canal?

No.  Taking an antibiotic will provide only  some symptomatic relief. It will not treat the source of the infection, which is the bacteria contained in the root canal system. To cure the body of an infection, both the infected tissues and the source of the infecting bacteria must be eliminated.  Taking an antibiotic for a root canal-type infection will only eliminate infected tissue, and only while the  antibiotic is being taken.  As soon as you’re done taking the medication, a new infection begins to develop because the root canal system serves a source of new bacteria.  Only after this source of re-infection is sealed off by Endodontic Therapy will the infection be eliminated completely.

Do I really need to get the tooth crowned?

Yes.  There are three reasons a crown is necessary.  The first is to prevent re-infection of the root canal system.  Root canal treatment will seal off the roots internally from re-infection.  However, the tooth must be sealed externally to protect the seal created by the root canal treatment.  The crown accomplishes this.   Secondly, after a tooth has received root canal treatment it tends to become fragile and susceptible to fractures due to loss of tooth structure.  A crown is necessary to prevent the tooth from fracturing apart during normal function.  Lastly, a significant proportion of a tooth is generally damaged by decay.  A crown is required to replace lost tooth structure enabling the tooth to withstand the immense forces applied during chewing. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Alpha Canyon Endodontics does not offer payment plan options directly.  For those who qualify, we participate in the CareCredit program.  For details, please call our office, or the CareCredit website.




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