Patients without Dental Insurance:


The consultation and treatment fees will be required on the day treatment is begun, with any balance due on the day of treatment completion.  If treatment is begun and completed at the same appointment, payment for is due, in full, at that appointment.



Patients with Dental Insurance:


Dental insurance is a contract between the patient (or the patient’s employer) and an insurance company.  As a courtesy to our patients, Alpha Canyon will submit claims for payment to a patient’s insurance company on his/her behalf.

It is the patient’s responsibility to understand the extent and limits of insurance coverage, and to provide our staff with accurate information (i.e. insurance company name, address, member ID number) to process claims efficiently.  It is not the role of our office to enter into disputes between patients and insurance companies regarding co-payments, deductibles, etc. other than to provide factual information. 

Alpha Canyon Endodontics will estimate the portion of the consultation/treatment fees your insurance is expected to pay and also the co-payment that the patient is responsible for paying.  Co-payments are out-of-pocket expenses to the patient as required by insurance companies.  Any co-payment,  usually 25 - 75% of the cost of the procedure, is required at the time of service.  We will submit to the insurance company for payment on your behalf.  Please keep in mind, however, that insurance companies routinely indicate that “coverage verification” does not guarantee payment.  This means that while we have done our best to estimate your out-of-pocket expense, during processing of your claim the insurance company may pay substantially more or substantially less than the estimated amount.   Any remaining balance after the insurance payment is received is the financial responsibility of the patient and is due upon notification to avoid incurring late fees and finance charges.



Methods of Payment:


Alpha Canyon Endodontics accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover

Checks of any origin (personal, bank, third party, etc) are NOT accepted.

For those interested in alternative financing arrangements, we participate with CareCredit.  An application can be completed and processed usually before treatment begins.  Upon approval, the patient will enter into a 6-month same-as-cash arrangement with CareCredit.  Please call our office for more information or visit the CareCredit website.



Please Note: Billing and Refund Policy


If your insurance pays more than the estimated amount, a refund check from Alpha Canyon Endodontics will be mailed within 1 month from the date payment is received from your insurance company.  Often times, insurance companies will send an Explanation of Benefits to the patient before remitting payment to Alpha Canyon.  Once the insurance payment is processed by our Billing Department, a patient refund will mailed by the beginning of the next calendar month. 

If your insurance pays less than the estimated amount, you will receive a statement from Alpha Canyon Endodontics.   Upon notification of an outstanding balance, the total amount is due from the patient. Your cooperation with this is greatly appreciated!   NOTE:  If your insurance company does not remit payment to Alpha Canyon Endodontics after submitting a claim TWICE,  the patient will be responsible for the entire balance for treatment rendered.  Patients can then contact their insurance carrier to obtain reimbursement directly.

Any unpaid balances beyond 30 days will be subject to late fees and finance charges. 

Financial Policy


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