Endodontic Microsurgery: What is an Apicoectomy?

When a tooth becomes infected, Endodontic Therapy is necessary to preserve that tooth.  The vast majority of time, a root canal can be completed through an opening made in the tooth.  Occasionally the infection at the tip of a root (called an “apex”) does not heal following a root canal for various reasons including extremely curved roots, obstructions or blockages inside the root canal space, or persistent infection extending beyond the tooth root.




















In these situations a microsurgical procedure, called an “apicoectomy” or “root end resection”, may be required to preserve your tooth. Should the need for a surgical procedure arise before, during, or after root canal treatment you will be informed.


Endodontic Microsurgery is utilizes a sophisticated operating microscope and specialized microsurgical (miniature) instruments. The increased magnification and illumination provided by the microscope greatly improves diagnostic capabilities and the precision of surgical procedures.  Long-term prognosis is enhanced and post-surgical trauma is reduced.


During an apicoectomy, an incision is made in the gum tissue to expose the bone and the infection.  The infected tissue is removed along with the end of the root tip.  A filling is placed to cover the root where the tip was removed to prevent re-infection of the root. The gums are then sutured back in place and the bone will naturally heal over the root in a period of about 6-12 months.


At Alpha Canyon Endodontics, we use the Zeiss Operating Microscope on every case.  We also employ advanced techniques and special training that reduce scarring, gum recession, and post-operative discomfort.


Following the procedure, there may be some discomfort or slight swelling while the area heals.  This is normal for any surgical procedure.  To alleviate any discomfort and speed up healing, detailed post-operative instructions will be discussed, and prescription medications recommended.  If you have pain that does not respond to pain medication, please contact our office. 

Traditional Surgical Results


Post-surgical (note scars)

Microsurgical Results


Post-surgical (note reduced scars)

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